American Dream Realty - where dream homes come true!!
Pam Clamp or Fran Smith

American Dream Realty – where dream homes come true!!
Come meet the dream team .. Pam Clamp, Fran Smith and Sami Hashash

To Turn Over a New Leaf :

Means to make a fresh start, to change your behavior or attitude. In the 16th century people referred to pages in a book as “leaves”. When they turned over a new leaf it meant they were turning to a blank page in a workbook to start a new lesson. This could also be more generally used as to say you’re turning over a page of your life and starting a new one, etc.

Life brings change. Sometimes it is expected, marriage, birth of a new child, empty-nest, etc. Then again sometimes it is not, death, divorce, relocation. No matter what the circumstances that lead to getting a new home, larger or smaller, it can be a necessity. When that happens, I am here to help! I know how stressful life can be. Let me take the worry out of finding the right home for you during these times. I am a professional with years of experience that knows how to get the job done.